Survival Guide: Time is Fluid

shutterstock_271332740Time is fluid and no matter what it will always pass the same. No matter if you wish it would stretch forever or if you wish it would pass in a heartbeat.
It always stays the same.

But we still keep waiting for something else. We count down days till the weekend, summer holidays or special events.

Why not simply enjoy every single day fully? Use all that time in between and not just let it pass you. You could do so much more and you should. What’s the point of just waiting for something and then it passes ‘quickly’? Because that’s what keeps happening we wait for weeks, which seem like years. And then when the thing we waited for is finally there we are disappointed by how quickly it passed us. And soon it won’t be more than just a memory, that we will keep re-visiting.

What’s the point of that?

I think humans in general are programmed in a way that we are constantly looking forward to something or thinking about the past. We don’t really live in the moment and enjoy the things around us. Nowadays a lot of people tend to try and change this, but we are somehow still caught in the middle of trying to balance our future and past, somehow forgetting about the actual present we live in. The things we do “right now” never seem to be as important or memorable as certain events in the future or past.

And it’s time for a change.

‘Try and enjoy the moment.’ Said the girl typing on her computer and ignoring her long seen puppy.

Sounds ironic? I bet you are doing the something similar while reading this post. So do yourself a favour and once you are done with reading this, close this page or app and just pay attention to the world outside the screen and outside your head. It will be hard at first being in the moment. Enjoying a short walk or a car ride and truly seeing the things around you. But it will be worth it. A whole new world will open up, if you allow it. Trust me. Once you start living in the moment, you will appreciate the little things even more. You will first of all be able to recognise and see those tiny details that you might have missed so far. And once you see them, you will appreciate them. After that, you will never want to go back to the way it was before.1969688-gayle-forman-quote-because-if-time-can-be-fluid-then-maybe

I’m not saying, that you have to live in the moment all the time. I know its hard. And we all need sometime when we can just zone out and ignore everything. Just daydream and let our thoughts wonder. But every once in a while, just try and focus.

Think of all those times you counted down days, and let all that time pass you almost useless. When you went through the same routine every single day, not even looking up, or taking a moment for yourself. Be careful. Use your time wisely because you only have this one life and there is no point of counting down days. Just make them count. If you can name one memorable thing every day, you are doing a good job.
And if you delete that countdown app, that will be helpful as well. 


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