Survival Guide: When is enough enough?

231764_EiE_Hand_Logo2012We all have that one point when we can’t take something anymore.

So recently I started thinking about this certain “point“.

Why is it that we simply wake up one morning and we feel like everything has changed? That the things that we could accept before we no longer can. The things that used to slightly bother us become so irritable we say enough.

This is the point where things break. Relationships and friendships end. Where we need a change and we do make amendments.

So what sets this point? It certainly does not show up out of the blue. The signs are there, but we fail to recognize them in time. Or we choose to ignore them hoping things will magically change.Things do change eventually. But maybe not in the way we hoped.

In order to avoid these drastic changes and just end relationships with people or get into big fights try first and identify the certain aspect that bother you. Either in a person or in a situation. Is it an annoying habit of your loved one but you just know it’s not something he/she can change. Or is it simply one tiny thing so small that you hardly recognize it? Whatever it is just name it for your own good. Because identifying the problem always brings us closer to the solution.

102426-99797Once you have the “problem” try and talk about it. Don’t just swallow your words, say something. Speakingup is always better than staying silent. In the short term being silent is a solution, but in the long run all those things that you kept in will eventually eat you up. And one day you will just explode.

Of course you need to consider the possibility that some people or relationships are not worth this fight. And maybe these tiny things actually hide the bigger picture. So you might be better off just exiting right away.

We can’t change people. No matter how hard we try they always stay the same, because in order for them to truly change, they need to want that change. They need to initiate it. And they need to be motivated to push through it.

We all reach that point in our lives when we need a change. No matter if a person or s relationship or a job is the cause of that feeling it is there for a reason. And you need to honor it.

moveon-dribbb_1xSo just go with it.

Leave the things/people/jobs that make you feel like you reached your limit and move on.

Because it’s time.

And you are ready for something bigger and better.


4 thoughts on “Survival Guide: When is enough enough?

  1. It’s not easy to speak up especially when you are an introvert. The most important is to assess whether is worth it or not

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