How To: Talk Nice to Yourself

insp0338-14I’m sure none of you have actually considered how important this is. How much it actually matters to be nice not just to others, but most importantly to ourselves. We always try hard when it comes to other people. We choose our words carefully, twist them hundred times to make sure we don’t hurt their feelings and that even a negative comment sounds good.

So why wouldn’t we do that to ourselves?

Do you really think you have the right to talk down to yourself just because it’s you and no one can actually hear you say that?

Why are you telling others to stay positive and hope for the best, while you give up on yourself in a heartbeat?

Think about it.

So next time when you feel like giving yourself an inner monologue, say the words out loud. You will be shocked by how differently it sounds once you actually hear them aloud.

Do you really think all those things are true or do they matter? No.

So be kind to yourself. In a same way you stand by your friends and family, you should you-deserve-lovestand by yourself. Because if you don’t fight for yourself no one else will.

Spread kindness, but don’t qexclude yourself from it. A positive attitude can work
miracles. You have enough enemies, there is no need to making yourself one of them.

All it takes is to change you mindset and treat yourself with the same respect that you treat other. Once you accomplish this, anything will be possible.



One thought on “How To: Talk Nice to Yourself

  1. Love this post! Such an important topic people tend to forget in the age of social media. Selflove is the number 1 key to success and happiness! I was happy to read your words, really encouraging! Also Im a big selfevelolement fan and find mindset growth and positiv thinking super important! With love,

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