Survival Guide:Hope

Most of the times you just know when things won’t go your way. You know right before you start, that it won’t end well. So why do we still hope that miraculously everything will work out?

Hope is one of those emotions that can turn your bad day into a good one and the other way around. Hope keeps you going and hope helps you grow, learn and mostly survive.

But judgment day is inevitable, and all your hopes shatter. You are left with nothing, but the same miserable feeling you started with.

Then why do you pick up hope the next time? Why do we always follow the same pattern of doing things and just hoping for the best?

Because if there is no hope in our lives, we are not actually living.

Hope pushes you to go for the things no one but only you can see. Hope helps you get through the hard times. And ultimately hope does teach you the biggest life lesson of all.

That no matter how many times you have lost hope, it will always keep coming back to you.

So never give it up.

Nothing is worth loosing your hope forever. For a little while, sure… we all’ve been there many times. But forever is an awfully long time to go by without hope.


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