Life With Sky #3 – Puppy Harness

img_0921.jpgSince Sky is a small dog we still keep him on a harness, and I am pretty sure it will stay like that forever. Not just because he won’t grow much bigger, but because he is obsessed with his harness.

No jokes.

He know that it means going out. And going out means fun.

So every time we want him to know that we are soon leaving, we just give it to him. In the beginning we found it very cute how he kept carrying it everywhere. Even to his bed in case he would fall asleep. We thinks, that as long as he has the harness, he won’t be left behind. As soon as he sees it, he gets super excited. He jumps up and down, and his favourite “we are going out” act is jumping on his two back legs and reaching for his harness. Once he gets it, he plays with it, bites it, and as I mentioned, if it’s way too early for being awake, he just goes back to his bed with it waiting for the walk.IMG_0966

Nowadays, when it’s colder, he has his winter coat which has a hole for the leash. So we don’t actually need to put the harness on him. Still, we always give it to him to play with it until we leave. Once we are going out of the door he just sits there with his harness and looks at us, totally confused, because he can’t imagine leaving without it.

“Why are we going somewhere, and my harness is staying?

“How can I go anywhere without it?”

IMG_0967He is super cute when he looks confused, tilting his head from side to side. Somedays he even brings it with him, just in case. Maybe he needs some fresh air too, and a good walk. You never know what his harness is thinking, so Sky always makes sure that the harness never suffers from being closed up for too long.

Dogs like routine, and for Sky, having his harness handed to him is one of these routine things that we always do. By this, he know what day it is, and what is coming next. It is important that we all involve our dogs, and make sure they are on board with whatever the next step may be.

And it’s a bonus point, that since Sky gets over-excited by walks, we even take him outIMG_0922
more, than he needs it, just to see him so happy. He is adorable when he wants to go out. And if you ignore his need for long, he just brings his harness to you and stares at you asking:

“What are you doing? It’s walk time!”

“Get up, we need to leave!”

“Comeee on! Please!”



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