Survival Guide: Goodbye

IMG_6301Some of the hardest goodbyes are the ones we have to tell to the people closest to us.

It’s never easy, and contrary to popular beliefs, it never gets easier. We might learn how to deal with the pain and emptiness coming with it, and we might know how to hid it. But trust me. It’s never going to be easy. No matter how many goodbyes you have said in your life, this will never change. We are humans, and we are fuelled by emotions. We need them. Therefore you can’t just decide that saying goodbye to someone won’t be painful. It will be. You might not cry, or you might not show it, but you will still feel it.

There is no magic cure for it. You just simply have to ‘get over it’.

Sounds harsh?
It’s the truth.

Goodbye is a bitch, and no matter how you live your life or what you do, you will never be able to avoid it. It is simply part of our nature.
We move away. We start new jobs. We loose contact with people. We find new friends. It’s all part of a big cycle, that you can’t escape.6ed430437b48030c170b096ccf30210d-good-bye-good-luck

Some goodbyes are so painful, that they leave you numbs for days. You are unable to get back to your ‘normal life’ because you are constantly missing something.

Some goodbyes are loud and messy. Full of anger and argument.

Some are happy, because you are finally moving on and reaching for your dreams.

And some are silent. Those are the most painful ones, because those were never said out loud. Those were never explained. So it leaves us questioning everything around us, and even ourself. Thos are the ones that can sentence us to a lifetime of misery, but one simple question: why?
No matter which type of goodbye you are experiencing, they all will be painful. Even the happy ones are painful. Once you say goodbye it changes you. You become a whole different person. You think differently, and in some way you grow. It must be weird to quote-saying-goodbyethink that a simple ‘goodbye’ can help you grow as a person, but believe me it does. And the more goodbyes you say, the more you change.

Even after you’ve come back to the place or the person you’ve said goodbye to, you won’t be the same. You can try, but you won’t be able to go back to the person you were. Time has passed, and you have changed. You can always go back to people and places, but you can’t rewind time and go back to your past self. That is way behind you.

That’s why goodbyes are so painful.

Because even when you know, they are temporary, you are still scared. Scared that the person you might become after that goodbye won’t fit into the old picture.

But it’s okay.dont-be-afraid-of-goodbye-you-may-lose-something-good-but-you-may-also-gain-something-better-quote-1

You don’t need to fit. You need to grow and move on.

You have to learn to live with it.

So don’t be afraid of saying goodbyes. In some twisted way, they are good for you and you need them.

Because all those goodbyes are the ones teaching you the most valuable lessons in life. No matter who you become, there will always be people who will accept you for who you are.

Goodbyes shape us into the person we are destined to be.


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