HowTo: Make Time when You have NO Time

find-more-timeThis is something we all deal with. Especially I do, these days, since I started working full time. This means I spend 9 hours of my day on the job or travelling there, which is a lot, considering a day is only 24 hours long. Since I came out of college, where I had maximum 3 hours of “school” and all the rest was free time, this is a huge change. I got used to doing my own things. These days, I’m just working and socialising, which most of the days leaves no time for myself.

Me time is the most important thing.
No matter what you do in life, and how successful you are, you always have to make yourself a priority. Always find time to make yourself happy.

Let me share with you a few tips, that helped me balance out my life.

startup-593327_960_7201.) Plan it out
I know it doesn’t always work, since I recently became a pretty last-minute person, but at least try it. Plan out your workout, your meetings with your friends, even the reading time or watching Netflix time. Write it up in your diary and try to follow it. Once you put it on your to do list, you will remember to find time to do that.

capital-2653_960_7202.) Use the empty times
I travel almost 30 minutes by tube to get to work, so I use that time to read a book. It is not ideal, since I have to put it down, even if I don’t want to, but at least I feel like I am doing something.
If you have a spare one hour between work, and your other program, just sit down read, or watch Netflix, or do anything that you would normally do. You will feel much more energised.
Another great way of sneaking in extra movie time is while doing cardio. I usually watch a TV show, that way my workout is longer, and the time passes quicker. However, it may not always be a good idea, because it can slow you down.

6_1427906898_2389_lg3.) Allow yourself a full day with yourself
Pretty straight forward, I believe. Choose one day every two weeks, or once in a month, when you got to do whatever you want. Stay in bed all day, watch movies, read a book, have a SPA day. Whatever you need to recharge your batteries.

4.) Push your sleeping hours
This is not for everyone, but if you are an early bird, wake up an hours before your actual alarm and sneak in some you time. Or, if you are a night owl, simply stay up an hour longer for an extra time. It doesn’t always work, since sleep is very much needed when you work full time, but you can still try.

Follow-your-Passion5.) Never lose your passion
This is the most important thing, and the hardest one, but try it. In this fast-living peace of life, it is hard to stay focused and keep up with the things that actually make us happy. Time passes quicker, we can’t wait for Fridays, and we never really realise that the things, which used to make us happy and excited are no longer the part of our lives. Make sure you don’t loose your passion, always grow yourself. If you like acting, go take acting workshops or acting classes. IF you are passionate about writing, write. Don’t stop doing something just because “you don’t have time”. It is easy to say we don’t have time, and it is true as well. We have less and less time. But once, you grow old, you will realise that you missed out on opportunities.


9 thoughts on “HowTo: Make Time when You have NO Time

  1. Good ideas especially the me time. I don’t know if I can wake up any earlier but I do tend to push myself later at night

  2. Really needed this I feel like adulting is all about going through the next pay check and the next day that we completely forget to just appreciate ourselves and our passions!

  3. These are all good points, and I like your tip #2. However, it’s the last one I love the most. The truth is, if you want something strong enough, you’ll find the time and work on it. The only problem is that other things in life might pull us in a different direction, so we need to constantly remind ourselves at our end goal. Great article, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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