Life With Sky #2 – The Red Bag

812blibc2bkul-_sy450_One of the first toys I gave to Sky was this Red Bag. It is actually a watermelon shaped re-usable shopping bag. I thought this would be useful as a ball, because he was too small to play with an actual ball. So I decided to give it a try and started playing with it.

At first Sky was like: ‘What is this weird thing, that looks like a ball, but it’s so easy to bite.’

After coming carefully and slowly, but closer, and smelling it for a while, he realised it is pretty good for his baby teethes and he likes biting it. I let him play with it for a while and then took it from him, and throw it far away. Surprise, surprise, he stood up and ran for it. After the first shock, that he want to play with it, we kept throwing it back-and-forth and sometimes I did let him play with it for a while before getting him upset and taking it away from him.

img_0731.jpgLater on, I got a little tired of taking it away from him, mostly because he was starting to bite me with his baby teethes and it did hurt. So I went to sit down, while keeping an eye on him, and I let him bite it, and shake it, and be upset with it. He was super cute, while playing with it, especially when he took it in his mouth and shook it very hard. He was so small, but he seemed like he is in a middle of a very big job. I realised soon enough, that he was trying to open it. He was tearing it open with his teethes and dragging the bag, from the inside, out. I was so shocked, that he knew it can be opened, that when he was done with it, I took it, and put the bag back again.  Sky obviously got upset, and opened it again.
Just like that, we had our first game. IMG_0725

Ever since then he is still obsessed with opening it, once I close it for him. He loves shaking it very hard, and staring at it meanly, if I manage to close it in a way that he can’t open it so easily.

It is like a Rubik’s cube for dogs. Seriously, he loves this challenge.

Even thought he has around 10 toys, right now, he still cherishes his little red bag. He keeps
going back to it, and biting on the plastic parts, or uncontrollably shaking it. He is so sweet when he is playing with it.

Sometimes, the things that are insignificant for us, mean the most for others.

I gave it to him, because I didn’t need it, but it became his favourite game. It’s such an amazing feeling to see, that something I didn’t need, can mean the world to him.


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