Life With Sky #1 – The Surprise

Whenever my parents asked me what I want as my graduation gift, my reply was: a puppy. But I knew it was impossible. Still it was worth a try. So, when I finally graduated, and moved home, I secretly still hoped that I will get a puppy. After the first day, when I didn’t get it, I kind of felt like I need to give it up. Like I already knew it won’t happen, I was prepared for it, but still, you know, hope dies last.

One morning, we were ready to go shopping, but my mom wanted to wait for her delivery, since she always orders something online and of course I had to be the one to take it. Once the delivery man rang, I opened the door, and he was coming up… with a puppy in his hands! It was a little white Maltese boy, who was so scared and sleepy (still not sure, how he could feel both at the same time) and he was given to me. It was love at first sight.

I was crying, and he was scared. He had to cling on me so tightly because he had no idea what was going on and why I was crying happy tears onto him. But somehow he knew, he was safe, and that he will be loved. His fur dried off my tears and soon enough, we were both able to calm down.

I kept him in my arms the entire day, and I refused to put him down, or let anyone else pet him, besides him, because he was mine. He was the cutest little thing I ever saw (only three month old), and I couldn’t believe he was actually mine to keep. I was waiting for someone to say: it’s just a joke, we are taking him back.

But it was real.

He is mine.

His name is Sky, and ever since that day, that he walked into my life, he changed everything.

This is a story about Sky, and our life together. Because he is not just a simple little puppy, but you will see it soon enough, if you stick around.



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