How-To: Everyday Make-up

We all have our make up routines, that we do every day before leaving the house, and today I will share with you mine. I recently became obsessed with beauty products and make up tutorials, so I’ve been trying them out at home and I was looking for a way to improve my everyday routine.
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  1. Cleansing – Garnier: Micellar WaterBefore I apply any make up I like to clean my face, but not only with regular water but with Garner’s Micellar Water too. It cleans my poles more deeply, and refreshes my face before putting on foundation.


  2. Foundation – Sephora: 10HR Wear PerfectionI like to use the Sephora foundation, because it’s not greasy and it’s oil free. I apply it equally to my face. It has a perfect colour that fits my skin, so it really gives my face a natural look, while it equals it out. I became addicted, after I tried it out once, because it makes my face look so much more beautiful.


  3. Concealer – Urban Decay: Naked Skin Weightless Complete CoverageI use this under my eyes, to hide the circles, and between my eyebrows, or by my chin. I blend it in, with the help of my beauty blender, and it hides all the imperfections that the foundation didn’t cover.


4. Eyeshadow Primer – Urban Decay: Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Original

Before I apply any eyeshadow, I like to use a primer. This one is easy to apply, and keeps the eyeshadow on my eyes longer, and the colour is nicer, when there is a primer on it. With the help of the small brush it is even easier to apply.


5. Eyeshadow – Urban Decay: Naked Basics OR Too Faced: s1664895-main-lheroNatural Matte Eye Palette

For my everyday look, I like to use neutral colour, so whatever I wear fits with it. It gives me a natural look, but it’s perfect for any regular days.


6. Mascara – Too Faced: Better Than Sex

This is my go-to mascara. Ever since I tried it I never ever want to switch from it. It is just perfect. My eyelashes are long-lasting, beautiful and long. It’s not sticky nor does it come down after a while.

7. Lipsitick – Sephora: Luster Matte Long-Wear OR Too Faced: Melted Liquified Long Wear
For the final touch I use either the Sephora lipstick or the Too Faced one. Both of them are long-lasting, so I can easily drink coffee or go to lunch, nothing will ruin them. It just depends on the colour of my outfit which one I use. The Melted Too Face one is similar to the Kylie Jenner lipstick one, while the Seophora one is easy to apply perfectly with the help of the brush.



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