Blog Challenge – Day 28.

Day 28. – What do you want?

What do I want? Right now, or in general or what? This question is really confusing.

In general what I want:

  • a dog, a husky
  • good grades
  • a college diploma
  • successful carrier/ good job
  • lot of money
  • my own business
  • to lose weight
  • to have my own apartment
  • a good relationship
  • good health
  • to travel around the worldYeah, I guess this is enough. This question was confusing.

People want a lot of things. As soon as we reach something that we wanted we don’t even take the time to be happy about it, we immediately set out some other goal that we want to reach and we are 100% focused on that. What I wrote down above is a long list of things I want. Just like every other person. My life evolves around reaching these goals. But what if, just what if you have one specific goal. One simple thing, that we all forget about, because we are too busy building our perfect lives.


I want to be happy. Because no matter what you have in life, these are the things you can’t buy, but matter the most (family, love, happiness). Focus on these, and everything else will fall in its place.



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