Blog Challenge – Day 27.

Day 27. – How I envision my life to be

Wow this is a hard one. But let’s start it with the basics:

I plan to finish college May, 2017.
I really hope when I graduate I will already have a job. I would like to work in Marketing, PR or Event Planning.
I plan to have a dog, probably a male husky.
I would like to move to either Italy or England.
I plan to be successful in my career (As everybody else).
I plan to, hopefully, find a guy, and marry him before I turn 30.
I want to have a girl or a boy. I’m not completely sure about it.
I also want to later on open my own business and be my own boss.

I don’t really know what the future will hold, but these are the main bullet points of it. At least the good ones. I’m pretty sure these will involve a few heart breaks, broken friendships, jealousy, crying and a lot of unsuccessful steps. But in an ideal situation, it’s all I’ve written up there.




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