Blog Challenge – Day 26.

Day 26. – Something I never get tired of doing

As soon as I saw this post, I knew what I will write about. There is one thing in this world that I love even more than breathing, and that is dancing.

I’ve been dancing from the age of 6, so for around 16 years now, and I love it more and more every year. Dancing is really special for me. Whenever I’m stressed or tired, and I start dancing, everything just goes away. The dance studio is this special magic place, where all the things disappear, and I’m finally able to let go of everything. It is like a hiding sport, a safe haven. When I dance, I can be myself. No shame, no hiding, just me, and it’s an amazing feeling. I don’t dance to be the best. I dance to let go, to reborn, and because I simply cannot not dance. Even when I’m not taking classes I dance around my apartment, stretch or watch dance videos. It is present in every segment of my life, and I never want to let it go.

It’s a part of me. Now and forever.



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