How To: Pack Your Luggage

Spring break is just around the corner and most of you will probably travel somewhere. Whenever we are travelling, we want to bring the smallest possible suitcase, due to weight limitation on planes, but at the same time we want to bring a lot of clothes.
I personally hate packing, and folding and closing my suitcase. I spend around one hour just complaining about the things I need to do, and then stop every five minutes to complain a little bit more. So if you ever felt the same thing while packing, you should definitely read the life hacks I came up, during my packing-moving-unpacking routines over the years.packing-a-business-trip-suitcase1. List, list, list

You all probably heard it 100 million times, I know, but it does help. I usually do it the night before, just lay in my bed and go through everything that I need. I write down specific things like flowery top, white shorts, so when I actually have to find them I know exactly which one I want to take. (Click on the photo to get this Packing List!)


1.5 Try it on
While you are writing your list, you are not sure if the tops fits those jeans or shorts? Or if the skirt is still looking the same on you as last year? Get up and try it on! You still have the whole night to decide and a whole next day to pack. So don’t be afraid to pause your list writing and try the clothes on.

2. Pack them on the bed

Before you actually start putting them in your suitcase you should first put it on the bed or table, somewhere visible. That way you can check the list again, and decide if you really need all the clothes.
3. Roll your clothes

Trolled-clothes-pack-tight-and-fit-snugly-into-any-size-or-shape-luggagehis is old too, but helpful! That way more clothes will fit in, and also your clothes will less likely crumple. Of course you need to be careful while rolling them up, but it is still more simple then folding them perfectly.


Wherever you are going you will be needing
underwear. So use an old shoe bag, that can be
closed, and put all your underwear and swimwear in it. That way you will find them more easily once you arrive. Also take an extra bag for your laundry, that way you can keep track of the clean and dirty stuff in your suitcase.

5. Shoe hack

We came to the part where you probably feel like you don’t have enough space, because of course you put your shoes in too already. I advise you to take them out, and put something in them. I’m pretty sure you are taking something that can fit into your shoes and that way you will save space, and keep that thing (shampoo, perfume) safe.

6. Closing
folding-vs-rolling-clothes-for-packing-coverClosing is the most challenging thing! If you didn’t get tired up until now you will, so just take a break and sit… on your suitcase. After your break it will be much easier to close it. But make sure you stay on it while closing it!

I hope this post helped you a little bit with packing, and it will be less scary!



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